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One-stop services
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Beijing NAB International Co., Ltd was established in 1998, which has more than ten years of import and export experience in trade, and we have our own base of producing and processing –ZiBo NAB Agrochemicals Co., Ltd. our company mainly specialized in the research, development, production, and sale of pesticides and pesticide intermediates.

Beijing NAB International Co., Ltd. has its perfect quality control system. The quality of the being delivered goods accords with FAO and WHO standards. The quality control system exists during materials collection, production, logistics and even in the retails shop. Our company is good at providing the value added services in the chains.

The value of the company is seeing highly of the clients benefits. The company is willing to provide reasonable and competitive offerings to support customers to gain benefits, which will be in turn good for our own development.

The company owns abundant of experience of shipment by air, land and sea. We promise to send the goods with the lowest cost and the highest speed to the clients safely.

Beijing NAB devote to provide qualified generic pesticides with high efficiency and low toxicity to all over the world.

Company’s One-stop Services make your time easy. We are eager to invite your calls and emails and to make arrangement for you readily.

Please contact us now!


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